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WedsSport RN-05M

WedsSport Racing

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$445.50 - $589.50
Aluminum air valve stem. (Part No. S41A2B)
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Product Overview

The WedsSport RN-05M wheels are new additions to the lightweight performance line-up, featuring the latest technology to create a strong lightweight 5-spoke wheel.

Introduced at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, the RN-05M is the first Weds wheel to incorporate a double Advance Metal Forming (AMF) technique on the lip and barrel of the wheel.

The RN-05M also features the new Air+ technology which aims at increasing air volume for a more stable air pressure.

Together with machined and N-Frame spokes, the RN ushers in the future of WedsSport with a strong, light and good looking wheel.


  • Double AMF Technology for a light cast wheel
  • N Frame Spoke Design for rigidity
  • Machined Spokes for weight reduction
  • Air+ tech for air pressure reliability
  • Comes in Gloss Black standard finish
  • Lip sizes range from 36mm to 61mm depending on size
  • High Speed Air Valves included
  • Optional Center Caps available

INCLUDES: Flat Center Cap, Aluminum Air Valve

NUT HOLE DIAMETER:φ30 / φ12bolt can be used, 60 degree tapered

Adaptor sold separately

(NOTE) Weight can subject to change

Casting and Forging

Generally, the advantage of casting is that it melts aluminum alloy at high temperature and pours into a mold to form as one so the designing flexibility on the disc is pretty high thus it’s easy to mass produce and cost effective. On the other hand, from technical stand point, it’s hard to reduce weight since it’s difficult to form into thin metal. Also what was formed through casting is often uneven and particles are not cohesive therefore its strength is not good enough.

On the other side, forged wheels are made by running a lump of aluminum or alloy into high-pressure pressing machine thus aluminum particles spread and formed according to wheel shape and it is stronger (Fiber Flow). Because of the way they are produced, forged wheels can be made light-weight. It seems like it’s perfect but there is a definite weakness of “It’s not flexible from design perspective. It has already been explained, forging process uses high rate of weight to form the shape consequently, it is not suitable for complicated cosmetic face design. Forging also has a disadvantage of being more expensive due to multi-processing.

“New method of manufacturing process” to make up for the weakness is born.

In AMF, first of all, simultaneously cast rim and disc. Secondary, cast disc (= rim material) is to be put through wheel-only spinning processor and roll the rim.

What is JWL / VIA / JAWA?

JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel standard) is a set of requirements for alloy wheels set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japan) that must be met for all passenger cars in Japan. The JWL mark, cast or forged into the wheel, indicates that the wheel has been self-certified by its manufacturer to meet the standard. There is a related standard, JWL-T, for truck and bus wheels.

VIA Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan (VIA) independently tests wheels for JWL or JWL-T compliance. Wheels that have been tested will bear the VIA mark in addition to the JWL mark.

JAWA JAWA (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association) is the entity that maintains wheel safety and reliability.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review