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standard 4 wheel alignment


Standard Four Wheel Alignment 
(For non-modified Vehicles)

Our standard 4 wheel alignment services are just about the same as any other alignment shop. What makes our shop different is our process. Before any alignment service, we like to take the vehicle out for a road test. This will give us a better understanding on how to align the vehicle.

Most of our standard 4 wheel alignments can take up to 1 hour, and on a McPherson adjustment struts, we may require a bit more time.

Every vehicle that is serviced at NorCal Chassis Works, LLC, receives a vehicle profile in our system. We keep detail records on your service and alignment specs. For Sport Car vehicles, such as Porsche, GR Supra, BMW, Corvette, Camaro, Audi etc, Performance Vehicle Alignment required.


Alignment service starts at $95 up to $150
* Any vehicle that requires underbody panel removal, add $30 






Performance Four Wheel Alignment
(Modified Suspension Coilover/Sport Spring)

The 1st step in getting the right stance for your vehicle is with our Performance Four Wheel Alignment service. It takes an experienced driver with a low-profile vehicle to get the right alignment specs done. This package is for the average street driver with modifications. This includes any Specialty Products Company, SPL Parts, Whiteline, SuperPro, GodSpeed, Megan Racing and any standard aftermarket correction kits. This also includes our Tesla owners with specialty correction kits.

Service includes:

  • Front Camber adjustment (stock or aftermarket components with standard camber plates, aftermarket basic alignment correction kits)
  • Toe adjustment to your specific needs.

Performance Services starts at $130 up to $260
* Any vehicle that requires underbody panel removal, add $50. 
Some vehicle requires removing arms to adjust and realign, other vehicle requires removing front strut to access camber plates. If your vehicle requires those changes, please see the next level of service.






Motorsport Four Wheel Alignment
(For those vehicles who have more than the average)

This package is for the street to track or simply purpose built vehicle. The Custom Four Wheel Alignment and Suspension Check will allow our Techs to go through the entire vehicles suspension. We will do more then just an alignment, This package is designed for those who have extended full adjustable front and rear suspension components, such as WiseFab, PBM and many other pro suspension components with longer alignment spec range.

*Service includes:

  • Custom Camber Alignment Specs
  • Custom Toe Alignment Specs
  • Coilover Check (includes checking for correct spring pre-load, ride heights)
  • Adjusting sway bar links, if needed
  • Adjusting front aftermarket bump steer outer toe arms

*specifics on street performance or track purpose. If you need height adjustment correction on your coilover, this service is $67 per corner. Price below is dependent on what suspension components are in the vehicle. If you have questions about this, please call us before scheduling.

Motorsport Services starting at $260 up to $520


Please make sure that you give us a call a few days prior to your Four Wheel Alignment needs. Most vehicle may require tire balancing or rotation to help correct steering issues. We recommend that your have 1/2 to a Full tank of fuel before coming into your scheduled services. By adding weight to the vehicle, it helps us achieve a better accurate alignment. All services performed will include a written report of suspension components that require attention, if any.

We look forward in helping you achieve your goals.