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Why We Are Here

We founded NorCal Chassis Works, LLC on January 2018, because we have a passion for performance and enjoy working with those who share the same passion. We are not afraid to jump in and help take on a task that many others fear. 

As all things, we are only in existence because we believe in transparence, and many big name shop's have let us down at one point in our car culture life. In 2018, we decided to take on the challenge and start a suspension tuning shop that focuses only on all things SUSPENSION. If we find unforeseen suspension issue, we will bring our customers in to see the issues for themselves before proceeding to the next step of the project.  

Our most recent endeavors is expanding our tire services in 2020. We are using the latest tire mounting and balancing tools on the market. From force-marching tires and wheels during balancing to bead massage after mounting.

Our Journey 

We love to bring the home garage feel to NorCal Chassis Works, LLC. Our journey is to create relations first before our products and services. 

NorCal Chassis Works, LLC Co-owner's Jesse Ramirez (Founder) and Jared Norman (Partner), share the same passion. With a 50 year combined experience, we love to share our experiences from both street performance and professional race driving. 

Our Commitment

NorCal Chassis Works, LLC is committed to giving every guest the best possible experience from a specialty shop. We have been there and we truthfully understand the need for a trusted service provider with no hidden gimmicks. The minute we take the keys of your vehicle, we take ownership and the responsibilities.


We are located in the city of Fairfield California, 35 minutes East of San Francisco, 45 minutes West of Sacramento and 35 minutes North of Oakland. Located near two raceways, Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California and Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California. 


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