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Yokohama has a well-earned reputation at the racetrack and its motorsports program is a perfect environment for testing tire technologies that result in developing better street tires.

As the official tire of the IMSA-sanctioned Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA, each car in the event is equipped with Yokohama ADVAN ENV-R2 environmentally focused racing tires, in which a percentage of their compounds' typical petroleum stocks have been replaced with orange oil and natural rubber to provide the grip needed on the race circuit.

This same type of technology is also used in selected Yokohama street tires such as the dB Super E-spec™ fuel-efficient street tire, the world's first street tire to use orange oil to reduce petroleum consumption.

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1917, established a United States headquarters as the Yokohama Tire Corporation in 1969, and is now headquartered in Santa Ana, California.

In addition to the tires for cars, crossovers, sport utility vehicles and light trucks available through Tire Rack, Yokohama also produces tires for commercial truck and bus, off-the-road mining and construction applications.

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