Suspension Installation Services


Sometime we just need a helping hand. Allow us to take care of the hassle and install those special coilover or lowering sport springs or those must needed control arms. whatever suspension components you may need replaced we are here for you.

Since we already have the equipment to properly align your vehicle after all the installation, why not just do it all in one place?


Installation Shop Services Rates: $125 per hour

Coil-over Installation Starting at $650-$800 (Varies per vehicle)

Sport Spring installation Starting at $550-$650 (Varies per vehicle)

*suspension installation does not include alignment services. 







AirLift Suspension Installation


You may not have the tool to get this big job done in a matter of time. Our team at NorCal Chassis Works has the crew to get the job done. We have been authorized by #airlift Performance as Authorized Dealers and Installers for Northern California. 

Installation Services Starting at

$1500 on Airlift Performance 3P system

$1800 on Airlift Performance 3H Height sensor system

Installation does not include additional lines that may not come with all kits. Our installation setup includes an 4 Wheel Performance Alignment.

All installation also include a standard trunk mount set-up. We place all your equipment on a board. Installation take up to 3-4 days from start to finish. 

We do work with other major air suspension brands, but ... we prefer Airlift Performance.