Air Suspension


Air Suspension Installation and Service

We love to work with almost any brand of air suspension out there. We prefer to work with the best Air Lift Performance and Air Lift Company. Their warranty and superior products are the best in the industry. 

With available tech, Air Lift Performance has your back and our shop support. 







Installation starting at $2,000 - $2,500

It includes the following

  • Remove and Replace with new air suspension
  • Run and route air lines with in the body of the vehicle
  • Adjust shock body before installation
  • Mount tank and compressors to trunk area (standard wrapped board trunk set-up)
  • Wire and test
  • 4 wheel alignment included


3H Height Sensor Installation $400 (additional)



We now offer Air Lift Company rear load air systems. The Air Lift Company has been in the game since 1949 and truly understands Load Support Systems.




Installation starts at $600 - $750