Unplugged Performance - Tesla Model 3 / Dual Rate Linear Comfort Spring

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Tesla Model 3 (All Variants) 2017-2021

Expected release date is May 17th 2021

Product Overview

Get the comfort and handling benefits of our famous lowering springs without lowering your vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 Performance
Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor (TBD)

Our proprietary Dual-Rate Lowering Springs are renowned for combining comfort and performance in an unbeatable package for customers looking to lower their vehicle. But not everyone wants a low car. We have had strong demand from customers in rough climate and rough road environments to engineer a spring that has similar performance characteristics but that focuses on ride comfort and does not lower the vehicle. An unparalleled dedication to research and advanced engineering has created the ultimate in Model 3 spring technology. Every version of every spring we produce is specifically engineered for two distinct linear spring rates.

This allows enhanced comfort (spring rate #1) paired with increased handling (spring rate #2). = Dual Rate.

See why UP is the world’s #1 trusted Tesla tuner and enjoy the benefits of our continued dedication to Tesla R&D.


  • Increases comfort in daily driving situations due to a softer initial rate of the spring.
  • Designed to be a comparable height to the stock ride height of the Telsa Model 3 Performance.
  • Improves feel and performance when cornering through engaging a sportier 2nd rate portion of the spring.
  • Reduces the chance of engaging the bump stops via the firmer secondary rate and therefore reduces the instances of bottoming out including feeling a strong thud or shock over bumps and dips. Ride quality is improved for both small bump and large bump scenarios at any speed.
  • Produced in an engineering partnership with Formula 1 and 50+ consecutive Indy car winning spring supplier HYPERCO
  • Designed, Engineered and Produced in America


Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review