GAB Sport Suspension HE Series - Toyota Camry Hybrid (XV50) 2012-2017

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Toyota Camry Hybrid (XV50) 2012-2017

Product Overview

HE (Hyper Enhance) Series

2 way independent ride height adjustment suspension


  • Twintube design
  • 2 way independent ride height adjustment / High Low Body Shift
  • Equipped with AVCS Auto Valve Control Stability technology
  • Maximum height adjustment without compromise ride damping force & eliminate sound
  • Superb handling, stability & maximum grip
  • Extremely stable damping force even after long period of nonstop driving hours
  • Able to withstand extreme road condition & long lasting life span


Non Top Mount Design
To be used in combination with OE Mount or reinforced rubber top mount, for maintaining calmness and for reasonable pricing.

AVCS (Auto Valve Control Stability)
With AVCS, you can now feel the difference on uneven road, bumpy road, pothole, high speed corners and highways. The damping and rebound force is automatically tuned by AVCS to suit all road condition. This results to superior handling and maximum comfort on all road condition.

Twintube Structure
Twintube shell case is used for superior durability and for sufficient stroke and reasonable pricing. Compared to other brands, GAB SUSPENSION has larger oil capacity, wider shell case and piston rod for superb damping force characteristics. The use of newly designed piston valve and base valve also improves basic performance and sophisticates ride comfort.

High Performance Chromium Alloy Coil Spring
High performance chromium alloy coil spring are CNC-wound using the highest quality SAE9254 spring steel and corrosion protected using phosphate and powder coatings.

Hard Rubber Spring Support Spacer
To ensure quiet ride, non-slip height adjustment and calm ride.

Unique Design Forged Aluminum Spring Seat
Designed with multiple gaps that keeps the adjust wrench in place for easier ride height adjustment.

Carbon Thread Casing Cylinder (except some models)
All threading parts on cylinder cases are carbon coated with specially formulated fluorine for outstanding rust protection as well as for smoother ride height adjustment.

2-Way Independent Ride Height Adjustment
Use of moveable lower bracket allows for separate adjustment of ride height and pre-load, making it possible to secure sufficient stroke and / or to change pre-load setting.

High Rigidity Tensile Lower Bracket
Specially matched red color bracket, the forefront GAB SUSPENSION’s color to boost attractive under-carriage appearance looks. High tensile bracket maximize the lifetime, withstand lateral forces and ensuring perfect fitment.

2 Layers / 1 Bake Powder Coat & Rust Prevention
Before being sprayed with powder as the first base coat, electroless nickel coating & zinc phosphate are applied to lower brackets, the second layer of powder top coat is applied and then materials / parts are baked in a furnace for superior durability, corrosion resistance & highly effective against rust.

Warranty Information

RS ONE AUTO PARTS (SDN BHD) /GAB MOTORSPORTS (SDN BHD) warrants all products against manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from the time of purchase. Should this product malfunction during the period due to manufacturing defects, we will honor the warranty and replace the items according to our terms and conditions. GAB products must be purchased through an authorized dealer for warranty verification. Warranty does not cover the following conditions: - Damages caused by negligence or incorrect installation. - Damages caused by vehicle accidents or natural disasters. - Use on non-recommended vehicle models. Warranty does not cover repair of replacement due to incorrect installation, we recommend a skilled technician. Warranty is not transferable. Warranty does not cover Pillowball Top Mounts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review