Standard 4 Wheel Alignment

Our standard 4 wheel alignment services are just about the same as any other alignment shop. What makes our shop different is how we take care of guests.

We make every guest feel as this is their shop, from the moment you contact us to the moment you are in our garage.

Most of our standard wheel alignments can take up to 1 hour on a non-modified vehicle suspension. Most vehicles will require more due to OE McPherson adjustment struts, which only means that our rate is a bit more.

Every vehicle that is serviced at NorCal Chassis Works, receives a vehicle profile. What this means is that we will keep a data log of your visit and what service was performed. This includes keeping a record of your alignment spec data.

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Standard Alignment service starting at $95 up to $125




Performance 4 Wheel Alignment

The 1st step in getting a low stanced vehicle to track right is with our Performance 4 Wheel Alignment service. It takes an experienced driver with a low-profile vehicle to get the right alignment specs done.

Service includes:

  • Camber adjustment (stock or aftermarket components)
  • Toe adjustment to your specific needs.

Performance Services starting at $175


Custom 4 Wheel Alignment & Suspension Tuning

This package is for the street to track or simply alltrack purpose built vehicle. The Custom 4 Wheel Alignment and Suspension Tuning will allow our Techs to go through the entire vehicles suspension. We will do more then just an alignment, we will fine tune your suspension as much as the suspension components allows.

Service includes:

  • Custom Camber Alignment Specs.
  • Custom Toe Alignment Specs.
  • Coilover adjustment with proper ride height to your specifications and Coilover Pre-load, if needed
  • Adjusting aftermarket camber arms inspected and corrected, if needed
  • Adjusting aftermarket tension arms inspected and corrected, if needed
  • Adjusting aftermarket outer toe bumper steer kits, if needed
  • Adjusting aftermarket front roll center adjusters

Performance Services starting at $250 up to $300


Please make sure that you give us a call for most of our service on availability. Most of our top services are within 2 weeks of appointment schedule. As a pre-messare, we ask that you get your wheels balanced before coming into your appointment. This will give us an accurate alignment reading.